Elves behaving Badly-because its about the game not the product



Ok I would like to showcase these little guys.  We all know of similar products that are boxed and come with beautiful books .  We also know they come with a hefty price tag which makes them more of a collectable.

These guys are 6.95 and have velcro hands to stick to things and velcro feet.  They are cheap and very hardy.  So why buy them-well its about the game.

Any time before Christmas they arrive at your house- especially with young children-its a sign that Christmas is coming soon and Santa leaving the North Pole so he sends his elves ahead-only these guys are a little naughty and the game is to simply hide them somewhere each night and let the kids find them the next day.  Young kids love it and its a great, fun and inexpensive game to play in the lead up to Christmas- in the past Elves have gone to work, been in the dog kennel, been stuck on the roof and even under kids beds- you name it- and at $6.95 if for some reason he cant be found [ no-one can remember where he is or the dog gets him] we can rush you a replacement that looks the same.


These guys will sell out- they do every year

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