Stanley London 70mm Gimballed Box Compass




A symbol of finding your path, of guidance, exploration and adventure, a compass is popular gift that is beautiful, personal and useful.

This vintage, gimballed compass is housed in a handsome, recycled and treated mango wood box with inlaid brass splines and anchor motif. The solid brass compass is 70mm in diameter with top-grade magnets, a jewelled needle and an easy-to-read, 8-wind compass rose. Marked with 360 degrees in 10 degree increments, the rose is also engraved with the name Stanley London after the British inventor William Ford Stanley. A designer and maker of precision mathematical instruments in the Victorian era, Stanley instruments were used by the British Army and Royal Navy.

Used since antiquity, gimbal mounted compasses were usually found on ships’ decks in the binnacle. The pivoted gimbal supports kept the compass horizontal despite the ship’s movement. Our nautical gimballed box compass is fully functional and can be used on boating trips or kept as a decorative conversation piece on an office desk or coffee table.

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