Infinity Light Range- Christmas Trees small

Color: green


This is an amazing new 2020 product- It is an infinity Light tree and Sleigh set that gives the ILLUSION of great or infinite light depth.  The larger trees stand 117cm tall and the smaller 60 cm tall .  You can position them so that the smaller tree actually appears inside the larger tree or in a variety of different positions.

The Sleigh stands approximately 90cm tall and the Deer Approximately 110cm 

There are two colors green and white in this product.  



This product uses glass and light to create the ILLUSION of infinite depth.  It is actually only 15mm thick and very lightweight- it comes with a weighted stand and is designed for an indoor display.  It is high- tech, has ultra modern components and if you have a toddler [ ive been there done that] this would be the worst product on the planet as it will break easily if manhandled., 

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