Royal Navy 210mm Nautical Sextant



One of our nautical sextants makes a great dinner-party conversation starter. The sextant is a “doubly reflecting navigation instrument that works by measuring the angular distance between two visible objects”. It derives its name from the shape of its frame which, traditionally, is one-sixth of a circle, or in Latin, sextantis/sextãns. Isaac Newton had explored its principles back around the turn of the 17th century.

All our sextants are beautifully handcrafted and are presented in a custom-made recycled and treated mango wooden box. They make a wonderful gift for anyone that has an interest in the history of navigation, in old-school exploration and discovery, or in applied mathematics. Or for someone who simply appreciates having intriguing antique-inspired pieces in their collection.

Pack Contents:Brass sextant & Wooden case/box

Colour:Antique Brass & Mid-Toned Wood

Materials:Alloy, Glass, recycled and treated mango Wood, Felt

Sextant Dimensions:210 (W)* 210 (D)* 100 (H) mm (Approx)

Case Dimensions:255 (W)* 230 (D)* 135 (H) mm (Approx)

Product Weight:3.4 kg (Approx)

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