Santa and Mrs Clause Collectables- these guys are awesome

Title: Mrs Claus


These high quality pieces rock- so here is what I wonder- Why are most Mrs Claus figures so dowdy  She's 1000 years old, her husband is the biggest toy manufacturer on the planet there is no way she doesn't spoil herself a little- so here she is rocking out in a pair of black high heel snow boots and Stunning red velvet dress-Santa of course turned up in his work clothes-again-for the photos.

These figures are extremely well made and have a few slightly modern twists and its great to see a Mrs Claus who is clearly the power behind the man :-) 

The stand 57 and 47cm tall respectively- are part of the 'swish' collectables and if your considering a high quality Mr and Mrs Claus these guys are a must to look at  

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