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Face it guys-2020 really sucked for a lot of people.  Some lost loved ones, some are very isolated at the moment and lots of people are doing it tough.  December 1st is the traditional day to put up the Christmas tree- between now and then we are going to try and get you to join with us and "pay it forward' 

 We are going to supply a 5 or 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree, lights, decorations, a wreath for display and something nice like a wind up 'Santa snow globe' or something similar.  We are going to charge you guys 34.95 for it- and here's the best part- you don't get it- its not yours   

We are going to reach out to local charities, schools and families and see who needs one- we are happy to take names and addresses from you guys if you buy one and get it sent to people [ we'll add 5.95 for freight and we will wear the rest.']  Even if you don't know anyone buy a kit- well make sure it gets to a person, service or place where it can give a little happiness in a year filled with a lot of sadness- 

If you run a Charity or know someone in need- feel free to drop me a line at  

In case your wondering- we make zero out of this- yep it costs us a little each time- so its not for us at all-we are also happy to include a 'Merry Christmas From........" and just your first name to go in with the tree

We are happy to make 100 trees and kits available-lets see if we can sell and distribute that many- watch for updates here 

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