Spartan Hemet - Leonidas



Greek Spartan Helmet worn by Leonidas

This is a stunning Spartan helmet of heroic Greek King Leonidas (540 BC – 480 BC). Highly experienced military commander famously lead the Spartan forces during the Second Persian War. He is remembered for his heroic death at the Battle of Thermopylae as depicted in the feature film “300”.

Mick and Murphys Spartan helmet features sturdy, 18 and 20 gauge polished steel with brass ornamentation, linen inner padding, and a leather suspension liner and seven-hole, adjustable chin strap. This finely handcrafted helmet is wearable as a costume for re-enactments, Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) or just for fun. If you’d prefer to keep it on display, it comes with a polished solid wood stand.

Spartan Helmet similar to the one worn by Greek King Leonidas

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